Practice Architecture @ SICA

Being a creative profession that links art and science, architecture necessitates its practitioners to develop a holistic admiration for the soul and physical matter of a building. This can only be accomplished in the course of rock-solid preparation in the design practice, which is associated to the social, cultural, artistic and historical perspectives of the built environment. When considering precise questions on sustainability, SICA is at its focal points on significant issues that float up as an outcome of architecture and its impact on the present built up and natural landscape.

This viewpoint underpins every aspect of the SICA’s training, practice and research activities, and our students succeed since they acquire broad knowledge through different courses imparted along with value added hottest industry-driven software tools which aims to equip our students with creative design and practical skills.

Our slogan ‘Practice Architecture @ SICA’ harmonizes learning by practice especially through an unique opportunity to visit architectural spots like Taj Mahal, Dome of the Rock- Jerusalem, La Pedrera-Barcelona, One World Trade Center-New York, St Paul's Cathedral- London, Petronas Towers-Kuala Lumpur, The White House-Washington, Leaning Tower of Pisa, St Basil's Cathedral-Moscow, Empire State Building-NYC, Chrysler Building-NYC, Flatiron building-New York, Lloyds Building-London, Buckingham Palace-London, Colosseum-Rome, Pantheon-Rome, Burj Khalifa-Dubai and other important architectural sites in Bali, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Korea, Tokyo and Beijing.

Education suffers from the continuing gap between theoretical knowledge provided by the trainers and the practical competencies students entail to build up in their future professional practice.

Being an architecture student of SICA, you will discover your own path in architecture and grow in your profession with a self-sufficient and diverse approach to visualize, plan and design and your time at SICA will be unique, versatile, exhilarating and exceptionally satisfying.