Sports Day

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

So, to make our students more energetic and strong our college has made arrangement for games and sports. On a daily basis our students play in the ground provided near the hostels and also we have indoor game facilities like Table Tennis, caroms, etc. To make the academic session interesting, annual sports celebrations are held.

The sports day may be celebrated for a single day but actually the games start a month before. An enthusiastic celebration for one whole month. During this month various outdoor and indoor games selection rounds, semi-final rounds and final rounds are conducted. Students are selected for various houses like Red, Blue, Green and Yellow by the team captains and sports faculty co-ordinator.

On the sports day, flags are pitched in the college campus. All the students will be participating in different activities and faculties will be guiding them in organising various events. Every sports person wear their own house colour dress. Every year a famous sports person is invited as the chief guest to preside over the function. All the parents are also invited for the function.

Sports day - a day with great preparation and full of joy. The day which gives everyone a great pleasure.

The events on the day starts by 06.00 AM. The first event for the day is Marathon – a long run from Arumanai to the SICA campus. More than 60 students wake up early in the morning and participate in the event with great interest.

The next item will be the inaugural function, a selected student will get the torch from the Chief Guest and light the sports lamp and the sports flag will be hoisted. Then the Chairman will address the gathering and the Chief Guest will give a key note speech. Prize distribution for indoor and outdoor events will be followed next.

The first event after the inaugural function will be 100 meters race for both boys and girls. Watching the relay will be of a great fun and an enjoyable one.

After the races, came the items for strong and healthy sports parsons – shot put and discus throw. Then, it was the turn for the most interesting sports events throw ball for girls and volley ball for boys.

The last and the most awaited event will be the cricket finals. The final winners will also have a match with the faculty team. Then all the students will get back to the hostels and home happily awaiting for the college day function.