Youth Red Cross Club


  • To persuade community service through awareness and training
  • To publicize the fundamental principles of Red Cross through various activities.
  • To encourage interpersonal relationships with activities that nurtures a compassionate strength.
  • To Organize Blood Donation Camps
  • To develop Organizational skills, charitable services and civil leadership in our students


Name of Event: Blood Donation Camp
Date of Event: August 15th, 2016
Location of Event: Sigma College of Architecture, Marthandam
Organizers: Youth Red Cross Club of Sigma College of Architecture
No. of persons attended: 48 Students and faculty members
Major Participant: Members of the Department of Transfusion Medical & Blood Bank (Kanyakumari Government Medical College Hospital, Asaripallam)
Moderator: Rtn. Er. James Alban V.X.
Contact No.: (+91) 9566183731


It has been an immense pleasure for us, The Youth Red Cross Club of Sigma College of Architecture in serving the society with ample efforts for its betterment. As a part of our agenda we took the privilege in commencing the blood donation camp at our campus. The objective of which was to establish the need and importance of blood donation among the students community, to provide an insight of the benefits achieved by this event and to improve the welfare of the society.

The event commenced at 9:00 AM by testing the blood group and the blood count to analyze the eligibility of participants. Surprisingly, a few interested students were disappointed to be unable to donate their blood. This in-turn made them realize the importance of healthy life. The eligible candidates were appreciated for their active participation and were provided with energy bars and drink towards the end of the event.

Our strategies were met effectively with the complete involvement of the students as they were thrived by the enthusiasm to learn on listening to the motivational speech by The Blood Bank Medical Officer, Dr. S. Caroline Geetha, MBBS, DPC, M.H.A.

Heartfelt thanks to the organizers of this event and the Blood Bank team who amidst their busy schedule, dedicated their time in administrating the event with utmost care and nursing.